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New York City Complaints

new york city complaints

Where to Find NYC Rants

In the world today, one of the most developed cities is New York City. The city is so full of people who comes from different backgrounds. The residents of this city, do raise a lot of complains now and then. This is because of the high population and the fact that people come from different backgrounds, some people will tend to be use croaked ways in earning their living. In earning a living, some people are using illegal ways. You will never lack a complaint in this wonderful city.


The worst thing is that there are some broadcast stations that do advertise the services of some non-professional experts, who are just interested in ripping off people's money. Usually, the fake experts, will advertise their services in a clever manner by manipulating their statements, in that you will not find them guilty of deception as their statement sounds to be true. For all those who are going to follow the advertisements then , they are most likely be victims of fraud.


There has been the recent rise of mechanics who claim that they are going to save people a great deal of money instead of repairing their vehicles. The dirtfake experts do target people who have used their vehicles for some time, as they claim they will pay your bills if you meet the set guidelines. You are tricked of their continued support in repairing you vehicle, if at all you are going to make some substantial amount for the services. This will make you end up paying high costs than the actual repair could have cost you, as they will be acting like the middlemen.


You can also read some other rants from By making use of the credit cards, you can end up paying more money. Here you are required to pay the plastic and then pay the credit card company with interest for their generosity in letting you pay overtime. As a way of protecting you from the false advertisement, there are laws that have be developed. Normally the advertisement is weighed if it is false or unfair, to determine if really it has potential to substantially injure consumer. Usually the customer injury will arise when a consumer actually suffers loss of money, due to purchasing of the product on the basis of the advertisement.


The undisclosed costs and conditions in the advertisements are what stimulate most of the Crimecomplains raised in New York. You are required to clearly and conspicuously disclose all the information pertaining to the advert by certain stipulated laws. You have the power to register your complaint with the necessary body or lawyer, if at all you are going to suffer any injury due to the false advert. False advertisement is prohibited by law and has penalties that do follows.